04-1081 Yellow Pages Talking

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04.1081 Yellow Pages Talking - information searching channel providing service to consumers from 7:00 to 21:00 everyday, operation in 365 days per year with on going information updated and providing all information in a fast and professional way. With the staff of young, enthusiastic and well trained telephone operators and modern system of equipment and facility, the 04.1081 Yellow Pages Talking ensures to quickly connect all searches, and successfully complete all business transaction.

The Benefits of 04.1081 Yellow Pages Talking

04.1081 Yellow Pages Talking serves you everything to make your life a breeze on the following fields:

  • Information about telephone directory nationwide.
  • Information about genuine producers and manufacturers, addresses of product and service suppliers in the market.
  • Information about promotion programs for each product and service.
  • Information fulfilling essential demand of consumers: gold price, foreign currencies' prices, post and telecommunication charge, direction guidance, places and list of bus lines.
  • Provide customer service to susport businesses directly through telephone.

For more information, please contact us at Telephone: 04.1081