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YP Bus is a graphic advertisement displaying on the side of buses. With big and colorful display, high and repeated frequency of moving, Buses with VNYP advertisements will help to bring your brand name, product and service image to customers in an instant and impressive manner at anytime and any where. In comparison to other forms of outdoor advertisement, YP Bus is particularly effective, efficient and cost - saving. Brand name, image of products and services of the enterprise will reach out to customers fast, impressively and effectively.

Advertising on Buses, enterprises can gain more benefits because:

  • Your advertisement is displayed outdoor and moving around the roads and streets with high level of exposure.

  • The number of people involved in transportation and traffic activities on th road are huge ( as estimated  in 2006, there are about 1 million times of people passing by day ).

  • The number of people who choose buses as their means of transportation is increasing.

  • The time for your advertisement exposed to customers is very long.

  • The cost for bus advertisement is cheaper if we calculate the average cost per person.

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